Breaking the Chain

by Brent Gordon Rogers

Short Film / 2-Act Play
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A busy suburban supermarket manager gets a bomb threat on Christmas eve. She has twelve hours to deliver half a million dollars in cash to a former employee before a bomb detonates in aisle five. The conversation gets personal before the manager finally decides to call the police but then realises that over a hundred stores may have been targeted by the bomber; there being too much money at stake for a deranged bakery apprentice to be taken seriously, so when he asks for the lawyer that shot down his worker’s compensation claim to be party to the negotiations, the supermarket manager pulls out all the stops.

Several hours later, the lawyer has refused to deal in person with the apprentice, who went to jail for throwing the corpse of a teenage girl in the lawyer’s swimming pool after the unsuccessful compensation claim. The lawyer is given a blank cheque to close the deal with the bomber, the manager being confident that the police will make an easy arrest once the cash has been delivered. The lawyer gets kidnapped at gunpoint when they do the drop-off. The police arrest the ex-bakery apprentice; despite the fact that he lacks the skills necessary for such a heist, and only discover the truth when the lawyer’s wife seeks protection from the loan sharks who have been funding her husband’s gambling problem. She last saw her husband boarding a plane for Thailand.

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