Bush Babies

by Jacob Ewen

Short Film
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A boy that tries to get by in life has his life stalked and sabotaged into a horrific epic story.


a man was born on a farm and married a wife after the war, he wanted to remain around a bush setting as he was used to this as his home surroundings and liked the countryside, so he joined a social rally car racing team. Him and his partner ended up having 2 kids.. a girl and a boy , he continued his hobby as long as he could and used to take his kids with them everytime. They went to all sorts of spots .. some of the people in the club used to reside around the bush and lived there and assumed they owned it, if any of the drivers did too well they would get jealous and try to sabotage or steal the cars as they thought there was something special about it.

One time as a deal to get his children back the Father of these 2 kids had to let his children sleep with the other family's children. They children of the bush family tried to rape the kids of the other family but they screamed out and complained so the bush kids let the other children go.

The father then decided to stop attending these races and tried to focus on life but without any hobbies except watching car racing. He ended up selling his car he raced in.

The bush children followed and stalked to just know where these other children went to school at , they paid the children at their schools to pick on them and tried to not let them get ahead or too popular within society so they weren't found out in doing this or got to a celebrity level so they were "untouchable".

The eldest daughter ended up getting married and had 2 children, so she ended up safe.

The younger son however loved car racing, as most males do, and he became a hairdresser at a very popular hairsalon where celebrities went to get their hair done.

The parents assumed that this was a high enough status but the bush children assumed he was a homosexual and that drove them to pursue him even further!

The hairdressers decided to work with the family and mov ed the son around to different salons.. they even tried to give him health issues as to say he wasn't fit for the lifestyle, this also created more of a twist because being as these were high status salons they assumed he had lots of money too so they didn't stop pursuing this boy.

They followed and stalked and pushed stress in his life for over a decade!

The boy became so stressed he wanted peace and quiet and decided to join the car club his Father was once in as to have a hobby to destress from all this pressure.

One of the children was helping running this club still and was borrowing money of him and trying to keep the stress around him.. as the club had changed owners he eventually left but part of the plan was to keep him around a certain town so he only knew of this particualar town more than the others.

He wasn't involved in many events the following year.. but he was pushed to stress on many levels still and his family was pushed to abandon him.. his mother didn't like it and became an alcoholic and had remarrying so it ended up appearing to the son that it was his step father making her take this action, and his Father had a new partner that had passed away and ended up having to spend most of his time fending for his self and his sister was too consumed looking after her family .. so the son was pushed out homeless and had no opportunity.

He instinctively went to this only town he knew of where he was hoping to get a fresh start in life, he was living out of his car with his dog that he hand raised and had clothes stuffed in bags in the backseat of his sports coupe.

He ended up stranded and located himself at the same park hey used as a headQuarters for the racing, locals started creating fires so the air pressure would gush around the mountains and accumulate rain!

2 nights in the boy went to go to the local shop to get some dinner but the ground was too wet and he had bogged himself down into the ground, he was stuck for another two days.

he was lucky he had access to electricity so he could keep his internet and mobile phone charged so his parents and other people including the Army which he was trying to apply positions for work with knew of his situation and whereabouts.. little did he know that this may have been the only thing that may have been saving his life.

The local police came to pull him out of the bogged situation and had a chat with him.. he was assuming an ex girlfriend and her friends were to blame as they didn't like that he had a strong moral perspective on life. He was also exposing this on the internet with views of how his beautiful country could stay beautiful and change back for the better as it was starting to get over developed and people were getting depressed and doing silly things such as committing suicide and robberies and having random fights and it was also accumilating a higher alcoholic rate amongst the people month after month and instead of just enjoying this they were abusing it to the point where they were out of control.. they government was also making some silly decision such as using chemicals to cure this depression instead of supporting them and listening to them .. they were selling off their prime meats and vegetables and importing alot lower quality foods as replacement and the farmers were going broke.. so it was a downhill spiral that was creating depression in the whole society.. he spoke of this to the policeman ... The policeman then understood and allowed him to stay in that spot for as long as he needed.... A few people had driven past this spot to view on him and what he was doing, he just assumed they were curious as to why someone was staying around for a few days in his car and not a caravan.

The boy was wandering around looking for work but there was none around the local town as it was going broke and about to be bypassed..

He was yet to know of the hidden secrets that layed beneath though!

Supposedly they were surving via the local farms that didn't have much produce and also the random passing visitors.. they were ok with passing visitors but weary of what they called "stayers" people that stayed around.. that had a system that worked with the "BUSH BABIES" and the local businesses.. where if people stayed too long it was decided what to do with them ... do they stay and becaome a bush baby and used for breeding depending of what they judged their genetics on , or do they get cut up by the local saw mills and given to the butcher for food?? with previous "stayers" they would use the food to also try to lure passers by to become stayers as the food was addictive so they would stay around instinctively because they wanted more of the food.. it was made to clean the body system out and to prime the meat for better and more natural eating.  Part of the process was to get the body running on instinct again so it was healthier. So it was kind of a cycling system they had going.

The boy was travelling many kilometres 250+ day to day talking to many local towns as he soon found out after a short time of 1 week that there was no work during this period at this town he had stationed himself at, but word has already passed around to those local towns and even thoughhe was good at his trade and a nice person there was still nothing there for him.. so unfortunately he was still stuck.. on the way back from one job interview he was driving and heard a loud noise.. his tyre had caught what he assumed was a pot hole as the road was a very rough unmaintained tar road. he stopped at the nearest clearing he could pull off the road which also was a road into to local forest.. little did he know that this was a chance for the bush babies to view what they could soon have as a new member or new prey .. they had to choose fast!

The boy had called a roadside assistance and the bush babies saw that he had already told people of his circumstance so they had to back off.. The boy patiently awaited for his roadside assistance and they followed him back to town for safety "as to ensure the tyre was not to deflate again".

The boy then had his spare tyre put on the next day and went to another local town to get the tyre fixed and he spotted one of the cars on the way viewing him when he was bogged in front of him with a learners plate on and they were driving slow so he had to drive slow behind them.. a schooner glass was dropped out of their window! .. the boy swerved though and and his other tyre were ok..

He got the tyre changed and returned back to a local motel as he had some money left over from the money his mother had given him for the tyre.

He went to another motel the next night and then another which he stayed at for 3 days the few nights after that.. he was just looking for work and emailing places during that time and informing people of his whereabouts and what was happening.

The last night of him being at the motel he stayed at for 3 nights he noticed some people that were kind of following that appeared like they were people helping with the bypass but they were wearing different clothing slightly and when asked they were saying that they were there for many different reasons.. he noticed after they had arrived that when he was letting peole know about how the country was depleting from exports and people not being looked after properly as in being ignored and put on anti-depressants and other chemicals to cure their upsets of their situation.. that his internet connection was playing up and his passwords were being exposed from secrecy and he had to change them often.

So he moved on to the caravan park which was cheaper.. plus he could finally do some laundry!! as it had been close to 3 weeks already since he was able to do so!

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