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Short Film
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A short film script written by Tomas Sem Løkke- Sørensen

                2. Draft, 14/04/04

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1. EXT. FIELDS- EARLY EVENING.                    1.

This is in the middle of nowhere. The landscape is beautiful and green but there is nothing to see except from a road going straight towards the horizon. It’s a hot summer evening.

A car, really an average and small one, emerges as it is driving along the road. Sounds from the car radio breaks the silence - a big crowd is yelling, the tense voice of a commentator. Obviously a rugby game is about to start.


BERT (40) is sitting behind the steering wheel, totally absorbed by what’s on the radio. He is an average man, tall and thin, dressed in a grey suit with a black tie.
A small sign on his jacket says “Bert Hill, Sales Manager”.
The commentator announces “…only one hour left to kick off”. Bert looks at his watch and leans comfortably back in the seat- there is plenty of time. His cell phone rings.


Unclear mumbling from a male voice is heard trough the cell phone speaker.

        Well, I’m approaching the civilisation. I’ve
        been out of town today. (Pause). Yes, of course         I have the tickets. (Pause). No, I’m not going         to the pub afterwards. I have to leave directly         after the game, for my father in law’s anni -        versary. See you guys. At the venue. In about         half an hour. Bye!           

He takes six tickets out of his chest pocket, kisses them and puts them safely in to his inside pocket. He turns up the volume on the radio.

        I can’t join them for some beers after the             game. Because of that old bastard. Can you             believe that?

He turns to someone sitting beside him in the front seat.

That someone is a first aid test dummy, fully dressed in a jacket, trousers and a hat. Each item with the logo “Premier Rescue Ltd.” printed on it. The dummy is very human- like with a foolish looking smile.
2. CONT.                                        2.

In the back seat there are a couple of first aid kits.
Next to the kits there is a fried turkey.

The car starts to make unmotivated “jumps” but shortly
after everything is back to normal.

The cell phone rings once more. Bert sighs when he sees the display information.

                BERT (answers)
        Hi Honey…

                HONEY (OFF)
        Are you ok? When are you coming home?
        Dad will hate us if we are too late for
         his anniversary. We don’t want to disappoint         him, do we?

        No, no of course not, but…

        Did you remember to buy the turkey?

        Yes, semi- fried as you asked for.
                HONEY (OFF)
        Well done Bertie. Dad loves turkey you know.
        All right dear, see you soon.


                HONEY (OFF)
        What? Is there a problem?

        There is plenty of time before the party.

                HONEY (OFF)

        Nothing, eh.., I have to work late.

It’s bad connection on the line.

                HONEY (OFF)
        Again? But what about the anniversary?
        I can’t hear you.

2. CONT.                                         3.

        It’s bad connection here. I’ll be back in time.
        Promise. Love y…

The phone cuts off.

                BERT (to the dummy)
        Shit. She’ll kill me.

Once again the car starts “jumping”. Bert pushes some buttons.


The car is slowing down while “jumping”. Smoke comes out of the radiator. Swearing is head from inside the car.
The car stops.

Bert runs out and opens the engine lid. Huge amounts of smoke are coming out. Bert coughs.
He tries to solve the problem by twisting screws and adjusting cables with no other result than getting hot engine oil on his suit. It hurts a lot and he cries out loud.

Bert runs away from the car, looking in all directions for any sign of life. There is nothing, absolutely nothing.

He grabs the cell phone and looks up in the phone list.

                BERT (to himself)
        Road assistance…

The signal for no cell phone coverage appears when he dials the number.


The sound of an approaching vehicle is heard behind him and he spins around and runs towards it. It’s a car full of rugby supporters.

Bert positions himself in the middle of the road, waving for help. The car approaches without any signs of stopping. Bert has to jump off the road as the car passes very rapidly with people looking and laughing at him.

Bert crawls back onto the road. He throws his cell phone to the ground in anger.

3. CONT.                                        4.

He hesitates for a couple of seconds and starts running in the same direction as the car was driving.

After a while he comes to a crossroad with each road going straight to nowhere. He is breathing heavily while looking in each direction.

He starts running in one direction before coming back to the crossroads and then running in another direction.

Far away he spots a small shelter. Sounds from the rugby arena is heard from a radio. As he runs towards the shelter the sound is getting louder. 


Bert reaches the shelter, it’s a shop with soft drinks , beers etc. Behind the shelter there is a car. THE OWNER, an old man, is busy closing the shop. Bert is crying for air. His suit is all messed up in engine oil and sweat.

                THE OWNER
        Good evening.

        Water, I need some water.

The Owner doesn’t seem to make any notice of him, he just continues to do his job.

Bert straightens up his outfit as best as he can.

                THE OWNER
        We’re closed.

        Well, you see, my car broke down, it over
        heated and…for Christ’s sake give me                  some bloody water!

The Owner just closes the door, takes his radio with him and heads for the car. Bert walks after him.

        Sorry sir, I really just need some water.
        I’ve been driving all day. You see, I’m a
        sales manager, selling first aid training             devices and stuff…and I’m in a hurry for my             father in law’s anniversary. My wife will chop         my head off if I’m too late and…

The Owner gets into the car and shuts the door.
4. CONT.                                        5.

Bert opens the door.

        Actually, I have some tickets for tonight’s             game. Do you like rugby sir?

The Owner nods.

Bert takes out the tickets from his inside pocket.

        Let’s go together… in your car.

                THE OWNER
        I don’t want to go with you…

        That’s fine. Just give me some water and then
        you can have a ticket and go on your own.

                THE OWNER
        I never watch rugby alone.

        You can have one for your wife as well!

                THE OWNER
        And my son and daughter and brother…

Bert looks passionately at the tickets.

        Ok, you win. Shit! My mates are going to             chop my head off too.

He hands The Owner five out of six tickets, putting the last one back into the inside pocket.


Bert is running, carrying a big plastic can filled with
water. He runs just straight ahead without looking for
directions. A few seconds later he comes back, looks around and runs onto the road turning to the right.

On a field nearby a cow is chewing grass.

When Bert passes the cow he stumbles and falls. The cow looks at him and moos.

                BERT (to the cow)
        Oh, shut up!
5. CONT.                                        6.

He picks up the can and runs.
6. EXT. CAR- EVENING.                           

Totally exhausted Bert gets to his car and starts pouring enormous amounts of water into the engine’s cooling
system. He gets into the car.

7. INT. CAR- EVENING.                           

Bert is trying to start the car while he is praying silently to God. The first try fails. The second one too. He looks at the dummy which “laughs” at him.

        I’m just trying to do my best, asshole.

On the third try the car starts.

        Yes! Yeeesss!

He speeds up the car. On the radio the commentator announces “…just ten minutes to kick off”.


The cow, DAISY, is still eating grass. It stops eating and walks to the road.


A rugby supporter tune is playing on the radio and Bert is singing loud to the music while driving fast, extremely fast. He turns to the dummy.

        Look, I didn‘t mean to insult you. Actually             you’re a nice chap. We should go out for a beer         one day. I need some new friends now…

Bert turns back, looks straight ahead through the wind- screen and sees Daisy standing in the middle of the road right in front of the car. She is looking at him without moving. 

Bert screams and turns to the side to avoid a crash.

The car goes off road and starts sliding on the gravel.
Everything inside the car is shaking because of the rough surface.

10. EXT. CAR- EVENING.                            7.

The tyre hits a big rock and punctures and the car starts sliding even more while approaching the crossroad.


It’s a mess, the stuff in the back seat has fallen down.
Bert is fighting hard to get back on the road.

He looses control and the car crashes into a big tree by the crossroad. Smoke comes out of the engine.

        Fuck, fuck, fuck…

The smiling dummy annoys him. He hits it’s face hard and
the dummy’s head, which has become loose during the ride, loosens completely and falls off. The torso remains in the seat.
Bert grabs the ticket and looks at it.

        My good…

He puts the ticket back in his inside pocket and gets out.


They’ve crashed close to the crossroad. The car is seriously damaged. Bert takes off his jacket, pulls up his sleeves and tries to push the car on to the road. It doesn’t move at all. Just the door on the dummy’ side slides half open. Once again he starts pushing.


The Owner’s car, a lorry, is approaching the crossroad.

Five persons, The Owner and his family, are inside the lorry wearing supporter scarves. The Owner is driving.


Bert sees the lorry, grabs his jacket and hurries to the crossroad.


Bert stops the lorry.

The Owner opens the door.

14. CONT.                                        8.

                THE OWNER
        Good evening.

        Y…you’re going to the arena I suppose? My car         isn’t really working today and it’s a shame to         be late for such a great game and… you know.

The Owner stares at him.

        Well, I actually need a lift.

The Owner turns to his family members and starts mumbling. After having discussed for a while The Owner turns to Bert. He points at the lorry’s body.

        Oh, thank you very much. I’ll be right back, I         just have to get my gear in the car.

Bert throws his jacket on the body of the lorry and runs to his car.

The family is shaking their heads.


Bert crawls into the back seat to collect his stuff, putting the first aid kits outside.

Then he bends down to pick up the turkey, which is on the floor, but it’s stuck between the front and the back seat. He starts to pull. The movement makes the dummy in the front seat to slide slowly sideways through the door.

        Come on, you semi- fried bastard.


Everybody is watching the car which is moving because of Bert’s interior struggle. The right side door on Bert’s car goes wide open and the headless dummy falls out . From a distance it looks like a man with his head cut off.

The Owner’s wife screams out loud.

                THE OWNER
        Oh, holy God in heaven, Jesus and Maria.

16. CONT.                                     9.

The Owner drives off as fast as he can.


Bert has released the turkey and comes out just in time to see the lorry driving away. He runs after the vehicle while carrying the turkey.
        Come back, morons. Wait for me. My ticket!
        Wait. My ticket! Oh God.

The lorry is far away and he stops running.
He sinks down on his knees embracing the turkey and closes his eyes.

Bert gets up, throws the turkey away and starts walking.
Wide shot of Bert walking away from camera on an endless road going straight towards the horizon.


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