by Robert Vassallo

Short Film
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It is well after midnight and the chocolate machines are still clicking away at Herb's Sweets Factory. ROWAN, the factory manager has been suspicious for some time of wrong doing at the Factory, but couldn't work out what it was. But he was sure it was somewhere in the store and distribution area................




Robert Vassallo

                                                      SIXTH DRAFT
                                                      JULY    2003
                            Copyright: ROBERT VASSALLO


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1.    INT.   FACTORY  STORE ROOM                                                                       NIGHT  1   

It is well after midnight and the chocolate machines are still clicking away at Herb’s
Sweets Factory.
ROWAN, the factory manager has been suspicious for some time of wrong doing at the
Factory, but couldn’t work out what it was. But he was sure it was somewhere in the
store and distribution area, which was run by VINCE MARASCO.
He is now in the store and opens up a cardboard box containing the chocolate “Fantasy
Balls” that have a novelty toy inside.

                   (MUTTERS TO HIMSELF)I wonder why these novelties are so
                    special that I can’t even see them being packed?

As he breaks open the chocolate ball, he finds inside a small plastic bag with the words
“Sugar” printed on it and proceeds to open the bag.


                   (TO HIMSELF)          What’s this?

He pours the white substance into his palm and tastes the powder.



Suddenly realizing that he was holding a bag full of Cocaine, he quickly wipes his hand
on his handkerchief and places the bag up on the overhead shelf and starts to open more
balls where he finds a similar bag in each one. He is now determined to find out if there
are any more of these bags hidden elsewhere in the factory?
In the corner of the store room there are some lockers and one in particular is padlocked
with a sign saying “Keep Out” signed VINCE.
He breaks open the locker and cannot believe his eyes when he sees that the locker is full
of the same white bags that he found in the “Fantasy Balls”.
BANG! Suddenly he is hit on the head from behind and from the force of the blow, you
know that he is dead.


 2.   EXT.   FACTORY                                                                                                    NIGHT 2

Outside the factory there are two cars that have arrived, one is the CORONER and the
other is INSPECTOR CHAN. The car door opens and Chan gets out and lights up a
 cigarette. He looks up at the sign which says Herb’s Sweets – “We work 24 hours a day”

                   (SIGHING)                    INSPECTOR CHAN 

                   Yeah, you’re not the only one     

3.   INT.   BEDROOM                                                                                              MORNING 3

JACK SCHMIDT, unemployed in his late twenties is at home in a deep sleep having
his regular dream of him and his WIFE together dancing, cuddling and laughing like old
times but now in a fantasy setting. His dog DIGGER is asleep at the end of Jacks bed.

                   Bark Bark Bark Bark

Jack is suddenly awakened by squirts of water coming from a water pistol being
Squirted by a LITTLE BOY who has mischievously sneaked into his room. Jack jumps
out of  bed furiously, still with a hang over from the night before and his appearance is
scruffy hair and heavy stubble, but he still manages to nearly catch the little boy before
they both burst into the kitchen

4. INT.   KITCHEN                                                                                                  MORNING 4

                   (YELLING)                    JACK 

                   I told you to keep the little monsters out of my room

The kitchen is full of young children of all ages, some in high chairs and others just sitting around the kitchen table having their breakfast. Amongst the children is jacks son SAM and jacks mother, MRS SCHMIDT. Now Mrs. Schmidt is in no mood for jacks demands and she lets him know it.

                                                            MRS SCHMIDT

                   Get over it Jack! It’s been two years now and instead of
                   you getting better, you’re getting worse. I’m not prepared

                   to put up with this any longer.  (TOTAL SILENCE FILLS
                   THE ROOM)
                   I want you to start getting your life back together again Jack!
                   If not for you then do it for Sam. And by the way Jack, these
                   children are not monsters, they’re only kids which help pay
                   the rent and the bills that keep you living the way you do.
                   But now that has got to stop! I want you out there today,
                   looking for a job, because I can’t cope with all these
                   responsibilities on my own anymore.  Do you understand?

Jack nods his head which is now hanging on his chest, as he is standing there in his underwear, still in total silence. He turns pathetically and walks out of the kitchen,   as his son Sam gets up to go to his father.


                   (YELLING) Dad, Dad.

                                                    MRS SCHMIDT

                   Sam, come back!

Nothing will stop Sam from going to see his father.

5.   INT.   BEDROOM                                                                                              MORNING 5


                   Dad are you OK?

                    (IN TEARS)            JACK

                   I’m just a failure, god damn it! I can’t even take care of you


                   (CARESSING) Don’t worry dad, I’m alright.


                   You know I miss your mum? I miss her so badly, that there’s 

                   not one day that goes by that I don’t think of her and the way
                   things were when we were all together. This is why I can’t
                   think straight, because nothing means anything to me anymore
                   and things will never be the same. Grandma says, go and get                  
                   a job, yeah right! What will I say at the interview when they
                   ask. What have you been doing for the last two years? Well
                   Sir, I’ve been drinking and moping around because I can’t
                   stand this miserable life that I’m living.  (STILL CRYING)


                   Dad, don’t give up, we can make it. I miss mum too you know,
                   but I’ve still got you and I know that she would want us to be
                   happy together. Dad, she will always be with us.

Jack is taken aback by his son’s strength and determination, so he decides to get
himself motivated.


                   Oh Sam, (HUGGING) you know I love you more then anything
                   in the world. So (PAUSE), how about we try and start a new life?                                                                                                                                                                                     
                   Dads going to try and get a job (LOUD) today!

                         (UNISON)                JACK & SAM
                   (FISTS IN THE AIR) YEAH!

6.   INT.  HERB’S FACTORY                                                                              MIDDAY 6

It is now almost lunchtime and the factory is back in operation. Inspector Chan is not convinced, but concedes to HERB, the factory owner, that his manager died by falling off a ladder and hitting his head on a machine as he fell.

                    (PUZZLED)                INSPECTOR CHAN

                   I can’t understand what the hell he was doing up on a ladder
                   at that time of the morning?



                   Rowan would often come in at all times of the night to check night
                   shift and also fix any machines that were broken, so they would
                   be operating for the morning shift. He was a good manager who
                   tried to save the company money by not calling expensive
                   Engineers and didn’t like down time to affect his production.
                   (SARCASTICALLY) Understand one thing Inspector, we are
                   men committed to our work.

What Vince didn’t tell Chan was that after he hit Rowan on the head, he placed his body on a machine to make it look like he fell whilst trying to change an overhead light. The few NIGHT STAFF, who spoke very little English, were smart enough to realize that they had not seen or heard anything when questioned by Chan. They were terrified of Vince and knew it was wiser to turn a blind eye to what went on in the factory. Besides they needed the job, not to mention their lives.
Now CINDY the office girl brings down the orders from upstairs to Vince, just as the POLICE are about to leave.


                   (POINTING)   Just put them in the store room.

Vince is anxious to escort the police out of the building.
Though Cindy is not the brightest blonde you have ever met, she is likeable and witty and her outfits would stir any man with blood in his veins to distraction. She places the orders on the bench and discovers the opened bag of cocaine on the overhead shelf that Rowan had placed there the night before.

                   (MUMBLES)                 CINDY

                   (Surprised)    Sugar!   Great, we can do with that upstairs.

She knows that they have nearly ran out of sugar upstairs and decides to take the bag and empty the contents into the sugar bowl. Every one else is pre occupied looking at Cindy’s assets rather than take notice of what she is doing.
Now that the police have gone, the coast is clear for LOUIE LIGUANO to enter the factory which he does from the rear entrance. Now Louie is “The Man” who runs a huge drug distribution operation and is also the owner of JANGLES night club, renown for stripping and table top dancing. Everyone knows you can get laid or get high at jangles.


                   (GRABBING VINCE BY THE THROAT) You little shit. How
                    Could you be so dumb?        

                   (SCARED)                     VINCE

                   Boss! I don’t know. It’s a good thing I called in here last night
                   when the prick was snooping around or else he would have
                   squealed to everyone by now.


                   (RELEASING VINCE)     Yeah, well I guess you did OK.
                   You’re a fast thinker aren’t ya Vince? Just don’t think too much!
                   Understand?  You just do what I tell you, Capice?

                   (HUMBLE)                    VINCE

                   (Nodding)    Of course boss, I’m your man, you know that.


                   Yeah, yeah, enough of the shit. Just go upstairs and bring down
                   that old bastard.   (DEMANDING)      NOW!

7.  EXT.  RAILWAY STATION                                                                                   DAY 7

Jack has got himself cleaned up and dressed to impress as he sets off on his job hunting. He catches a train not far from his house to a few stops up the line to where he knows there are a lot of factories that are operating. He knows he won’t find a dream job but at least this would be a good place to start his new career path.

8.  INT. SEVERAL FACTORIES                                                                                DAY 8

He enquires door to door asking for work at the RECEPTION area.


                   Hi, my name is jack Schmidt; I’m looking for some work,
                   anything will be fine.

Now Jack is no idiot as he was a successful engineer before his wife had died, but he was not quite ready to tackle that sort of responsibility right now. Jack is now getting a little frustrated at all the rejections that he is getting, but is still determined to keep looking.


9.  INT.  HERB’S FACTORY                                                                                      DAY 9


                   (FURIOUS AT HERB) Come here you old shit head. That
                   dick head manager you hired wasn’t such a dick head after all
                   was he?


                   (FRIGHTENED) I had no idea!

                   (INTERUPTING)           LOUIE

                   Shut up!  (HESITATING) You’re all getting a little too careless
                   aren’t you? The whole operation could have been exposed!     
                   (SARCASTICALLY)    And all these fucking de generates
                   working here would have lost their jobs. Your precious little
                   workers that you feel so loyal too, and their precious little jobs.
                   Well, I’m gonna shoot the lot of you if there are any more
                   mistakes! I want a manager that is dumb, you know someone
                   dumber than you. Someone who can just keep the paperwork
                   moving and make this façade look real. If you can’t do this,
                   I’m gonna shoot you myself, do you understand old man?

                   (TERRIFIED)                  HERB

                   (MUTTER)  Yeah     

Herb would dearly want nothing more than to expose the operation but knows the place could not survive without the money that Louie gives him for using it as a cover up for his drug operation. He remembers when he built the place from nothing many years ago and how it was running and making good money. But now times had changed and the competition was a lot fiercer, but still he could not come to terms of shutting down. This was his life, it’s all he knew and who would employ an old man who had run his own business all of his life. He knew how hard it was in the real world and he was always going to be loyal to his staff who have stuck by him even through the tough early years. How could he turf them out now knowing that most of them could not get a job anywhere else either? So, he had no choice but to take the shit from Louie, rather than to let go of his dreams.  

10.  EXT. HERB’S FACTORY                                                                  AFTERNOON 10 

Jack is now outside of Herb’s factory and decides to wander in.


                   (WALKING AROUND)   Hello, is there anybody there?

He intrudes onto the three men and is immediately confronted by Vince who grabs Jack by the hair.


                   Who the fuck are you? Don’t you know you can get your
                   head broken by just wandering into places that you don’t

                   (PAIN)                            JACK 

                   Yes, Yes.

                   (INTERJECTING)         LOUIE

                   Let him go, Vince. (PAUSE) Now, what’s your name boy?


                   It’s Jack Schmidt, Sir


                   Jack shit is more like it!


                   (YELLING)  Shut up Vince, I’m asking the questions! Now,
                   Jack, what can I do for you?

                                                     JACK (TURNING TO LEAVE)

                   Well sir, I’m just looking for a job, but I can see you’re busy.


                   No it’s OK. What sort of job are you looking for?



                   (STOPS) Anything, I’ll do anything that you want.


                   See boys, the kid will do anything that I want. I like that! Tell me,
                   what have you done in the past?


                   (APREHENSIVE)   The past?


                   Yeh, the past! What have you been doing before?

                                                           JACK (SLOWLY & UNSURE)

                   Well sir, I don’t know you if you’ll be impressed as I’ve been
                   out of touch for a while, ever since my wife passed away.


                   Well, I’m sorry about your wife, but I gotta know what you did.


                   All I did was drink myself into oblivion and got stoned every
                   night, but I’m really over that now.  (SILENCE)

Louie and Vince look at each other and roar into laughter.


                   Well I guess that’s not what you wanted to hear? (TURNING TO
                   LEAVE AGAIN)

                   (STILL LAUGHING)  LOUIE   (SUMMONSING)

                   No, No my boy. I’m a pretty liberated sort of a guy. Ain’t I boys?
                                                           VINCE & HERB




                   Yeah, I’m a humanitarian.

                                                           VINCE & HERB



                   OK, let me see. Can you add up and talk on the phone Jack?


                   Yes sir, no problem.


                   Well then, I think you’re the sort of guy we need around here.
                   Right boys?

                                                            VINCE & HERB

                   (NODDING)   Yeh , sure!


                   Now you go with Herb and he’ll fill you in with all the details.

                                                           JACK (EXCITED)

                   Oh thank you sir, thank you, I promise you won’t regret it
                   (WALKING AWAY WITH HERB)


                   (SHOUTING OUT) Well I better not regret it. (BREAKING INTO
                   LAUGHTER WITH VINCE)

11. INT.  JACK’S HOUSE                                                                                EVENING 11

Sam is at the window looking out for his dad to come home. It’s nearly dark and he’s hoping to play a little ball with his father before all the light has gone. He loves playing catch and he


is an expert pitcher for his age? He laughs as he visualizes his dad falling to the ground after catching one of his powerful pitches that he occasionally serves up. He now sees his dad walking up the drive and shows his excitement as he runs out to greet him with a hug.

12.  EXT.   JACK’S HOUSE                                                                                     DUSK 12


                   (EXCITED, HUGGING SAM)    I got a job, I got a job

Mrs. Schmidt watches from the window and is touched by the emotion and bond between father and son.

13.  SONG/MUSIC PLAYS                                                                             MORNING 13

(VISUAL)  Jack wakes to his alarm, getting ready for work, being introduced to other workers, answering phones, checking out files, etc.  A whole day’s work.

14. INT.  JACK’S HOUSE                                                                                EVENING 14


                   Hi mum (KISS) Here’s a little present (HANDING BOX OF
                   CHOCOLATES) from work.

                                                            MRS SCHMIDT

                   Well isn’t it marvelous what a job can do!


                   Oh, please mum don’t start on me now. I’m really beat. The kiss
                   and the chocolates are for everything you’ve done. I really do
                   appreciate it you know.

                   (RUNNING INTO KITCHEN)   SAM

                   Daddy, daddy, (HUGGING JACK)



                   Hey, how’s my boy? Guess what? How about you tell me about
                   your day and dad will tell you what it’s like being a (LOUD)manager.

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   Jack! You mean you really are the manager of this place?


                   Of course mum, did you think I was lying or making it up?
                   Just to impress you?

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   No, of course not. But don’t you think it’s a bit strange that they
                   hire you on the spot and give you a manager’s job without any
                   prior experience.


                   Well I suppose so, but I don’t really care. I really feel important
                   for a change and I feel like I’m meant to be there for a reason,
                   Even though I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing just yet.
                   (THINKING) You know mum, the only strange thing is that Vince
                   the store man is the one running things there. Even Herb the owner
                   is scared of him and does what he tells him to do. Anyway at least
                   it’s a job, and you never know it might work out OK. Besides It
                   can’t be that hard managing chocolates. (SHRUGS SHOULDERS)

15.  INT.  JACK’S OFFICE                                                                             MORNING 15

Jack is busily working in his office, when Herb comes in.


                   How’s it going Jack?


                   Good morning Herb, Good thanks. I just hope I can make things
                   work out here.


                   No worries my boy, you just take your time and concentrate more
                   on the office stuff and customer relations. If you have any   

                   questions don’t be scared to ask me.

                   Well Herb there is one thing. I know we make our regular
                   Chocolates in a box. Why don’t we sell the fantasy balls to
                   the customers that buy the boxed chocolates? I think I can sell
                   the fantasy balls to them also.

                   (ANNOYED)                  HERB

                   I don’t want you to go near the fantasy balls or sell them to
                   anyone. They are only sold to special novelty shops and only
                   Vince controls the making and selling of those. Do you understand?

                   (CONFUSED)                  JACK

                   Yeah, OK Herb. I understand.


                   Now Jack, I don’t want you to leave the office area while you’re
                   still new, so if you need to get some lunch or anything, just ask
                   one of the office girls to fetch it for you. (OPENS OFFICE DOOR
                   TO LEAVE)  They’re really good girls and will oblige. So don’t
                   be scared to tell them because I know there isn’t enough work for
                   the three of them, so one of them will just have to go.

CINDY the office girl is just outside Jack’s office and has over heard Herbs conversation when he opened the door. She heard him say that there is not enough work for the three of them and one of them will just have to go. She thinks that one of them is going to be sacked.

16.  MAIN OFFICE                                                                                    MORNING 16

                   (BACK AT HER DESK)  CINDY

                   JANE, LORETTA, listen. I just heard Herb and the new
                   Manager scheming. I heard Herb say that he knows that there
                   is not enough work up here for the three of us and one of us
                   will just have to go.


                   That ungrateful old bugger. Well I’ve been here for ten years
                   so if you girls think that I’m going to let you two with your
                   short dresses and make up move me out, you’ve got another
                   thing coming.

                   Listen, you old dragon, no one’s trying to move you out, but if
                   someone’s got to go, it won’t be me.

Now Loretta is a typical accounts woman, a real dragon. No customer ever shirks paying their account after getting a call from Loretta.
The sudden competition between the girls has spurred Jane and Cindy to raise their dresses even further and lower their cleavage even lower. But Loretta is determined not to be ignored by her younger work mates and decides to beat them at their own game. Everybody is shocked to see her arriving with her hair done up, wearing heaps of make up and sporting tight leather pants. She even tries to flirt with Herb who avoids her confrontations.

17. INT.  MAIN OFFICE                                                                        MID MORNING 17

                   (ENTER HERB & JACK)  CINDY

                   (CHARMING) Oh boys, I’m just making a coffee for you, so
                   would you like to join us?

                    (NODDING & BEMUSED) HERB & JACK

                   Yes, thank you.


                   Now I know we all take one sugar and milk except for you Loretta
                   (SARCASTICALLY) How do you have yours now Loretta?


                   The same as always Cindy! Black with NO SUGAR.

                   (LAUGHING)  Yeah, that’s because she’s on a diet.

Cindy joins in the laughter and Loretta pulls a face at both of them. The coffee machine is in the same room and Cindy proceeds to make the coffees. She remembers the bag of sugar she found downstairs and tips it in the sugar bowl and mixes it in with the remaining contents and adds to all the cups except Loretta’s.  Jack tastes the coffee and almost chokes.


                   WOW! Great coffee Cindy. (HERB AND JANE AGREE)

Suddenly Herb passes out onto the floor and Loretta rushes to his aid and begins stroking his face, with his head now placed in her lap. She still cannot revive him from his deep sleep.
The opposite effect has happened to Cindy and Jane who are now dancing on their desks and singing to a tune they have made up of how pissed off they are working there and demanding to be paid now. Jack is in a funny trance trying to join in singing and laughing with the other two girls.
As quickly as the cocaine hit, it was now subsiding and the three started coming to their senses.


                   Boy! What was that all about?


                   It must be the coffee. We better not touch that stuff for a while.

Herb is now coming to his senses and doesn’t even realize he was knocked out.


                   Get your hands off me Loretta. I think you are carrying this flirting
                   a little too far now. (STORMS OFF)

Everybody else is just standing there dumbfounded.

18.  EXT.  LOADING BAY                                                                                 MIDDAY 18

Jack is confused with the upstairs antics and decides to get some fresh air and a cigarette in the loading bay, where he notices a (PRETTY YOUNG GIRL) loading some fantasy ball boxes into her van.

                   (TO HIMSELF) Hello Hello

                   He wanders over for a closer look.


                   Hi, would you like a hand with those boxes?


                   No thanks, I can manage


                   By the way my name is Jack. I’m the new manager here.


                   (ALMOST DROPPING A CARTON) So you’re the new


                   Yeah, why is there something wrong. (SENSING SOMETHING)


                   Oh no, I just didn’t think they would hire somebody so quickly
                   after Rowans death on the machine.


                   You mean the previous manager died here?


                   Yeah, didn’t anybody tell you?


                   No, nobody has mentioned a thing about that. They just said that
                   he had an accident and wouldn’t be coming back. What happened?


                   Well, all I know is that he fell off a ladder in the middle of the night
                   and hit his head on a machine. I’m not really sure, so I don’t really
                   want to talk about it, OK?


                   Yeah sure. (PAUSE) So why do you only deliver these fantasy balls
                    and not the other box chocolates?


                   Look, I just do what I’m told. (PLACING LAST BOX IN VAN)
                   You’ll have to talk to Louie about that sort of stuff. (LOOKING
                   AROUND) Well It’s been nice talking to you, but I’ve really got
                   to fly. (PULLS OUT PAPER) Do you mind signing this docket
                   for me and giving it to Vince?



                   Sure (SIGNING) I hope to see you again.

                   (DRIVING OFF)              REBECCA

                   Yeah right!

Jack is standing alone watching as Rebecca drives off, holding the docket in his hand as Vince appears.


                   (SNATCHING DOCKET FROM JACK) What! Have you got a
                   death wish or something, you dick head? Never ever touch this
                   Shit or sign for nothing’ ever again. Do you understand? (HIS FACE
                   ALMOST TOUCHING JACK’S)


                   Yeah, I understand. (WALKING AWAY)


                   (YELLING) And next time, I won’t be so friendly!

19.  INT. JACK’S OFFICE                                                                        AFTERNOON 19

Jack is back upstairs now and really looking forward to his first pay packet as it’s been a real hard first week and he’s itching to go out and grabbing a few drinks.

                   (ON THE PHONE) Mum, hi it’s Jack. Do you mind if I get home
                   late tonight? I really need to get out and unwind. OK, thanks mum
                   and give my love to Sam.

20.  INT.  BAR                                                                                                    EVENING 20

After a few drinks, Jack notices a woman he has seen before.

                   (TO HIMSELF) Wow, it’s that delivery girl. (HE WALKS
                   OVER TO HER) Hi, remember me?

                   Sure! You're Jack the new manager, right? By the way I’m Rebecca
                   (SHAKING HANDS)   I guess you needed a drink as well, hey?


                   Yeah, it’s been that sort of week. I’ve never done this sort of work
                   before, so I want to make sure I do well. You see I promised
                   my kid I will try to keep this job for a long time.


                   So, you’ve got a kid?

                                                             JACK (PROUD)
                   Yeah, he’s name’s Sam and he’s nearly eight!.


                   Cool, so you’re married and all that stuff?

                   Yeah, I was but my wife died in an accident a few years ago.


                   Oh, I’m really sorry Jack, that’s awful.


                   It’s OK; I can handle it better now. This job is the first
                   thing I’ve done since it happened, that’s why it’s important that
                   I succeed. Actually you’re the first girl I’ve had a drink with since
                   then as well. I’ve forgotten how good it is just having a drink and
                   a chat with someone, especially as pretty as you.


                   Well thank you , I haven’t had a compliment for a long time.

After a few drinks, it seems that Jack and Rebecca are enjoying each others company. They seemed to have made a connection and Jack is starting to feel alive again and knew he wanted to see this woman again, even though no woman would compare to his wife.


                   So how did you get the delivery job at Herb’s?


                   I’ve known Louie for years, so he asked me if I wanted a job
                   because he needed someone he could trust. He promised me good
                   money and it was a good chance to run my own business. So I
                   thought about it and decided it was a good opportunity to be my
                   own boss and not have to answer to anybody else. So I took it
                   (IN A TRANCE) The money isn’t huge but it’s a good honest living.


                   That must be the same Louie that gave me the job. He’s a mean
                   looking guy.

                   (FLUSTERED)                REBECCA

                   Yeah! Look thanks for the drink (HURRYING OFF) I’ve got to go

Jack looks on, a little dismayed as Rebecca leaves the bar. He cannot understand what he had said that might have upset her.

21. INT.  JACK’S HOME                                                                                  EVENING 21

Jack has finally got home and everybody is truly asleep. He looks in on Sam and covers him up, before entering his own bedroom.

22.  INT.  BEDROOM                                                                                        EVENING 22

Jack looks at the photo of his wife and picks up the frame and begins to talk to her.


                   (CRYING)  What am I doing babe? Oh god I miss you. Tell me
                   what I should do? (FALLS BACK ON BED WITH PHOTO
                   CLUTCHED TO HIS HEART)

Jack falls asleep and begins to dream. This time the dream is different and his wife comes to him.

                    (DREAM LIKE)              WIFE

                   Jack, I love you and I always will, but you must get on with your
                   life. I’m proud of you getting a job and rebuilding your confidence,
                   I know you will do well for Sam. Our darling Sam. he also needs a
                   mum so let go and meet someone, for you and him. It’s OK.


23.  INT.  MAIN OFFICE FACTORY                                                           MORNING 23


                   (PHONE)  Good morning Herb’s sweets. (SHOUTS)  Jack it’s
                   for you.

24.  INT.  JACK’S OFFICE                                                                             MORNING 24

                   (PICKS UP PHONE)       JACK

                   Hello, Jack Schmidt!

                   (ON PHONE)                  REBECCA

                   Hi Jack, it’s Rebecca, how are you feeling?


                   Rebecca, I’m fantastic. It’s nice to hear your voice.


                   Jack please listen, I’m really sorry about last night. It was very
                   rude of me to just storm out like that, but things were moving a
                   bit too quickly and you made me feel things I never felt for a
                   long time before, plus the wine and…

                   (INTERUPTING)              JACK

                   Rebecca, hey I understand. Look I had a great night myself and
                   it’s been a long time for me too you know. (SOFTLY) I really
                   loved every moment we spent together. (NORMAL)  Man when
                   you stormed out I thought, you idiot Jack, (LAUGHING)
                   what did you say wrong this time?


                   No, it was me, I felt like a real jerk and I just had to apologies
                   because you were an absolute gentleman and if it’s OK with you
                   would you want to see me again?

                   Are you serious? I would love to see you again. You know I was
                   attracted to you the moment I saw you in the loading bay. I
                   couldn’t think straight all day after that. That’s why I had to go out
                   for a drink that night, so I could cool down and Bang! There you
                   are again.  I think it must be fate or something…..

                   (INTERUPTING)           REBECCA

                   OK Jack, I get the picture.


                   I get carried away a bit don’t I?


                   Yep! But that’s nice. So dinner tonight OK.


                   Fine, say eight? What’s your address? (WRITES ADDRESS)  OK
                   see you then. Bye…  (HANG UP) (SMILES)

Suddenly the door of his office flies open unexpectedly and in storms Vince.


Hey, dick head. What do you know about machines?

25.  INT FACTORY.                                                                                       MORNING 25

Jack is still on a high after talking to Rebecca and now finds himself in the factory looking at a big mechanical monstrosity that has come to a screeching halt due to some sort of failure. Vince has no patience for machinery and decides that it won’t hurt the little prick to get his hands dirty for a change.


                   I want you to work out why this isn’t working and make sure you
                   get it fixed today.

Jack tries to ignore Vince and starts to roll up his sleeves and then stands there scratching his head. Now Jack’s engineering skills were related more to the building industry but he thought that the basis to most problems was the same. It was just a matter of trial and error and looking at the whole thing logically.

                   (FIDDLING)                      JACK

                   (TO HIMSELF)  Well the power is working OK, so it can’t be
                   an electrical problem, which now leaves the mechanical bits to
                   check out.
It doesn’t take him long to work out that the problem is coming from the main drive of the machine. The gears!


                   Well, well, what have we got here?

He notices a bunch of car keys have dislodged themselves between the gears which made the machine come to a screeching halt! He cranks the gears back and the keys fall out and onto the cement floor below.


                   Oh shit, where are they now?

He looks under machine and notices a handkerchief next to where the keys had landed.
He pulls out the material and notices white powder wiped all over it.


                   What the hell? (TASTING POWDER)

He immediately knows what the substance is, as he remembered trying some at a friend’s party the night his wife died.  It triggers back the awful events of that night. (THINKING BACK)   He and his wife having a few drinks and having a great time, when she suddenly pulls out a small package and offers Jack to try some of the contents she pours into his palm.


                   Try some of this Jack. It will make you feel fantastic.


                   What is it?


                   Oh, it’s nothing.  Don’t be afraid it won’t hurt you (SNORTING

He remembers how weird he felt after his first sniff and begged her to drive him home, as he was feeling really sick. Next thing he remembers is waking up in a hospital bed with cuts and bandages all over and feeling like a truck had hit him.


                   (UPSET AND YELLING)  Jen, Jenny, where’s my wife?  (BEING

                   You’ve been in a car accident Mr. Schmidt. (SORROWFUL) I’m sorry 
                    your wife didn’t make it.

Jack now comes back to reality sitting there angry on the factory floor.


                   (ANGRILY)   I hate this stuff. It’s ruined my life. (RUBBING
                   HIS HANDS OVER HIS EYES)

He is now wondering how it had got there but can’t work it out and thinks it is wise if he keeps this secret to himself for the time being, as he wraps the keys into the handkerchief and puts them both in his pocket.   He now spots Vince and yells out to him!

                   (YELLING)                      JACK

                   The machine’s fixed dick head, call me if you need any more help.
                   (TURNS AND WALKS AWAY)

Vince’s angry face is about to burst as he yells.

                   (YELL)                              VINCE


26.  EXT.  REBECCA’S HOUSE                                                                     EVENING 26

It’s Friday night and Jack has got a loan of his mum’s car and eagerly arrives at Rebecca’s checking his watch to see that he’s not too early. He walks to the door and knocks.

27.  INT.  REBECCA’S HOUSE                                                                       EVENING 27


                   (OPENING DOOR)   Oh hi, come in.  (TAKING FLOWERS)
                   Thank you, they’re beautiful. (KISSES JACK ON CHEEK)
                   You didn’t have to do that.


                   (ENTERING HOUSE)  Oh it’s nothing much really. Wow,
                   (LOOKING AROUND) You sure got a collection of family
                   Photos.   (PICKS UP A FRAME OFF MANTELPIECE) Whose
                   the little boy?

                   (HESITATES) That’s my little brother JOHN. He was nearly five
                   in that photo, but he passed away last year.


                   Oh my god, I’m so sorry. What happened?


                   It’s alright! The poor kid had a rare illness from birth. (TEAR)
                   It just isn’t fair sometimes, but we have to carry on.


                   (COMFORTING)  I didn’t mean to upset you. God I ask too many
                   Questions sometimes……..


                   (INTERUPTING)  No Jack, it’s best that you know. I’m alright now.
                   (PAUSE)  My dad was a drunk and he took off years ago and left
                   Mum and I alone just before John was born. Mum never recovered
                   from the birth and died a week later. I promised her that I would
                   look after John no matter what, but (CRYING) I fucked up. I’ve
                    now lost him as well.


                   (COMFORTING) Rebecca don’t blame your…..


                   (INTERUPTING & LITTLE HESTERICAL) The doctors didn’t
                   know what was wrong with him. (SNIFFLING) He was only three then
                   and they had to do test after test after damn test on his poor little
                   body and then (PAUSE) I ran out of money. So (BLOWING NOSE
                   ON TISSUE) (MORE COMPOSED) I had to work day and night
                   to try and pay the bills. It was a nightmare! (QUIETER) After two
                   years it was all over, my darling little Johnny gave up, as if he knew
                   he was not meant for this shit life he was brought in. Sometimes I
                   think he’s better off


                   Rebecca, don’t say that! We all have our traumas but we’ve got to
                   go on for the one’s we love.

                   Well I’ve got no one and I haven’t had for years. I just closed up
                   and stayed alone. It’s better that way, you don’t get hurt and God
                   only knows I didn’t need to be hurt anymore.


                   (HUGGING)  You poor thing, you’ve been through the wringer
                   too many times. But please don’t blame yourself, you did
                   everything you could, so c’mon spark up (RUBBING HER
                   SHOULDERS) I think we can both do with a drink.


                   (NODDING & SMILES) OK, c’mon let’s go.

28.  INT.  JANGLES NIGHTCLUB                                                                 EVENING 28

Vince has had a bad week so he is happy to be having a drink at his favorite night spot, Jangles nightclub. He is now approached by Louie at the bar.


                   How’s the kid coming along?


                   He’s a real Jerk; I just hope I get the chance to clobber him like
                   I did to that…….


                   (INTERUPTING) Shut up Vince. I need a jerk like him to run
                   the other Business, it makes the façade look more legit if normal
                   people are involved. Besides he’s been on another planet for years,
                   so he’ll never work out what’s really going on. Capice? Sometimes
                   I think your brain is in your pants!


                   It’s just that place boss, just being there with those zombies drives
                   me around the bend. There’s got to be a better way to get rid of
                   the smack.


                   (HANDS ON VINCE’S CHEEKS) There is you numbskull.
                   In prison! I could sell more from in there than being out here,
                   but you know? (GENTLY SLAPPING VINCE) I don’t want
                   to go to fucking prison. You get it?


                   Yeah, (GRABS LOUIE ON ARM) Hey boss,(POINTING)
                   isn’t that guy walking in, that cop? You know Chan?


                   Yeah, quick get out of here. He can never see us both together.

Vince quickly disappears as Inspector Chan approaches Louie at the bar.

                                                             LOUIE (CHEERFULLY)

                   If it isn’t my favorite inspector, how nice to see you in my
                   Humble little joint.


                   Cut the crap Louie, we all know you’re neck high in a lot of shit
                   and it’s just a matter of time before I nail you.


                   (LAUGHING) Come on inspector, arrest me now if you’ve got
                   anything on me. It will save you a lot of time.


                   I don’t want to arrest you Louie, I want to cut off your balls off and
                   stick them down that ugly face of yours. But the law seems to be
                   able to protect scumbags like you, so I’ll just keep sharpening the
                   Knife until that day comes. Do you get the picture Louie?


                   Oh yes inspector, I do.  But you know what I think? I think
                   deep down you really like me or else why do you keep calling
                   in to see me? I hope you’re not some kind of fagot? It has crossed
                   my mind. 


                   (GRABBING LOUIE)  You listen to me real good. One day I
                   am going to get you and the only thing I’ll be shoving up your
                   Arse is a …………


                   (INTERUPTING) Tut tut inspector, you shouldn’t talk dirty
                   in front of my innocent young ladies should you?

They all burst into laughter as Chan lets go of Louie and walks out.

29.  EXT.  REBECCA’S HOUSE                                                          LATE EVENING 29

Jack and Rebecca arrive home and Jack sees her to the front door as they hug.


                   I had a real good time Jack, sorry for the drama earlier.


                   I’m glad you told me, I feel a lot closer to you now that you
                   have shared that part of your life with me.


                   Did you want to come in?


                   Na, I better not, but thanks for the invite (KISSES HER &
                   WALKS DOWN THE DRIVE) Oh by the way. (STOPS)
                   You said that Rowan died on one of the machines. Do you know
                   if his car keys were missing?


                   I’ve no idea. But I did see his car being towed away on a truck.


                   Oh I don’t really know, but I found some keys jammed in a
                   machine and I thought they may have fallen out when he fell.
                   It’s no big deal. (PAUSE)  Oh, I almost forgot! Sam & I are
                   driving to the Coast tomorrow, can you come along?



                   Great! Be over at my place for breakfast, you can meet the dragon.
                   Ha Ha!     Bye (BLOWS KISSES) bye (ENTERS CAR, DRIVES

30.  INT. JACK’S HOUSE                                                                               MORNING 30

The next morning Rebecca arrives at Jack’s and knocks on door.

                   (OPENS DOOR)             JACK

                   Hi, (KISS) come in. (TAKES HER INTO KITCHEN)

Rebecca follows Jack into the kitchen where she sees the room filled with young children.


                   Rebecca, this is  my mum. Mum Rebecca.


                   Hi Mrs. Schmidt (SHAKING HAND) Boy I hope they’re not
                   all yours?


                   No, mum even minds kids on the weekend (SARCASTICALLY)
                   for all those busy people who have to work, work, and work!

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   (SNIPING) Work never killed anyone, Jack. Now Rebecca
                   please sit down and have some breakfast.

                   (SAM ENTERS KITCHEN)  JACK

                   This is my boy Sam. Say hi to Rebecca.


                   Hi Sam, aren’t you a big boy?

                   (SAM SHY)                       SAM

                   Hi! (SITS DOWN)


They all eat breakfast and the three of them set off for the coast including Digger the dog, who has made himself comfortable in the back seat of Mrs. Schmidt’s car.
Sam is not too sure about Rebecca being with his dad as he now feels that he’s not the centre of his dad’s attention, but he’s a smart kid and he knows that he hasn’t seen his dad this happy for a long time. So, he thinks she must be OK.
31.  EXT  BEACH                                                                                                MIDDAY 31

Sam loves to play ball and is happy that Rebecca at least can pitch a ball straight at him as his dad often misses the target and he has to run back to retrieve the ball. Even digger gets fed up retrieving after a while and is quite happy just lying in the sun.

32.  INT  CAR                                                                                                             DUSK 32

On the trip back, Rebecca feels she has made a connection as the three sing songs in the car. Being with Jack and Sam gives her an overwhelming feeling of belonging to something. it felt so good being part of a family for which she had longed for, for so long. She could never remember this feeling ever before.

33.  EXT JACK’S HOUSE                                                                               EVENING 33

When they arrive home, Jack walks Rebecca to her car.


                   I had a great time Jack and I love Sam, he’s gorgeous.


                   Hey, what about Digger? (BOTH LAUGH & PAUSE) Thanks
                   for coming today (HOLDS HER HAND) It was real special.


                   (GIVES KISS & ENTERS CAR)  I’ll call you tomorrow, say
                   thanks to your mum. (WAVES & DRIVES OFF)

34.  INT JACK’S HOUSE                                                                    LATE EVENING 34                                 
Jack is now in the kitchen sitting at the table with his mum. Sam has gone to bed and the two are having a coffee before retiring.

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   So how was your day?

                   (EXCITED)Isn’t she great mum?

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   Yes, I must admit she is a lovely girl and pretty as well.


                   Well she loves Sam and I think he likes her as well so things
                   couldn’t be better. You know mum I’m starting to feel like my
                   old self again and it won’t be long until I’m back on my feet, so
                   I’ll be able to get a place of my own and get out of your hair.

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   (ABRUPTLY)  Nonsense!  (MEANINGFUL) You & Sam are all
                   I have, you are my life, so don’t ever say you’re in my hair again.

                   (KISSES MUM) Thanks for all you’ve done for us mum. I’ll
                   never forget it.

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   Well son, I’m really proud of you. You’re starting to get well
                   and it really shows, especially with Sam. He’s a lot happier
                   now.  (ENQUIRING)Tell me, what does Rebecca do for a job again?


                   She delivers those fantasy balls which I told you about, to specialty
                   shops, exclusively for Louie & Vince.

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   Doesn’t it seem strange that people like Louie & Vince are
                   involved in chocolates? And why does she just deliver the
                   BASEBALLS and not the other chocolates?


                   Mum, they’re not baseballs, they’re fantasy balls. Hang on!
                   Baseballs, Footballs. (EXCITED) That’s it! What a great idea.
                   Wow this is big. (GETS UP KISSES MUM) Goodnight mum
                   I’ve got a lot of planning to do. (WALKING OUT) You’re a


                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   (SITTING DUMBFOUNDED) Yeah, goodnight Jack.

35. EXT HERB’S FACORY                                                                                   DAWN 35

It’s Sunday morning and Jack has to get some samples of the fantasy balls for his new secret plan. The outside is deserted and the factory is still operating with the nightshift staff that have left the roller door a little open to let in some fresh air. He sneaks under and finds his way through the machines unnoticed until he arrives at the closed area where the fantasy balls are made and stored. He opens the door slowly.

                                                             JACK (LOOKING INSIDE)

                   (MUTTERS) Wow, so this is where the fantasy balls are made.

He sees one machine that is operating with one OPERATOR placing sachets inside the cups before they are sealed together. This room is strictly taboo to anyone so Jack knows if he is caught then it would be the end of his job at Herb’s, but still presses on. He finally crawls closer to a pallet, stacked. high with boxes of fantasy balls. He proceeds to take one off carefully and quietly tries to get out of the building, undetected.

                                                             VINCE (O/S)

                   (SHOUT)Hey, come here!

                                                             JACK (STOPPING SUDDENLY)

                   (WHISPERS) Shit! Vince is here.

Vince is in the small office and has called over his worker to see him. Jack watches as they are both in a huddle talking fiercely.


                   (WHISPERS)Well it’s now or never.

He seizes his chance and makes a break for the door and finally makes his way through the factory undetected.

36.  INT CAR                                                                                                     MORNING 36          

                                                             JACK   (SHAKING & PUFFING)

                   Oh Shit, never again. (DROPS HEAD ON STEERING WHEEL)


37.  INT JACK’S HOUSE                                                                     MID MORNING 37                  

Jack is now back home and has organized all the pieces he needs to put his idea together.


                   Mum you’ve got to help me with this little project (OPENING UP
                   BOX OF FANTASY BALLS) You too, Sam. (THEY GATHER
                   AROUND). Great, there must be at least a dozen of them in each

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   What on earth is all this Jack?


                   Please mum, no questions I’ll explain everything later, just help
                   me. OK?  Now I’ve got this beautiful foil, paints and a little box
                   that I’ve made to put these balls into. Now this is what I want
                   you to do. (SHOWING)

He cuts up the colored foils and carefully wraps a fantasy ball inside.


                   Voila! There we have it.

                                                             SAM    (CONFUSED)

                   What is it dad?


                   It’s a New York Yankees chocolate baseball. Now we put it in
                   this colored box with a window showing the ball. All we have to
                   do is get the players signatures printed on the boxes and I
                   bet that every fan will want to buy them. (MRS SCHMIDT & SAM
                   STILL UNSURE) Look we can put swap cards inside or a chance
                   to win a free seasons ticket, the options are endless.
                   (CONVINCING) Trust me, now you cut up these other colors
                    matching the other teams

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   OK, but I think you’ve gone crazy.

The three Schmidt’s have worked for hours and the result is quite spectacular. They have made a ball in the colors of the eleven clubs including The Texas Rangers, Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox and The San Francisco Giants.

                   Look dad there’s one left, can I keep it?


                   Yep, that’s your reward for helping.

                                                             SAM   (SHAKING BALL)

                   Can I open it and get the novelty, please.


                   No, not yet. Just keep it and we’ll wrap it in your team’s colors as
                   a memento. I promise I’ll get more from work and then you can
                   (TICKLING SAM) gobble them all up. OK?


                   (RELUCTENTLY) OK dad.


                   Now mum, I will wrap them all up for postage with a letter
                   inside and get a courier to pick them up tomorrow!. (BEGGING)
                   Can you please loan me a hundred ‘till next pay day?

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   Jack, now you’re pushing it (RELUCTENTLY GIVES MONEY)
                   Pay day, don’t forget.


                   (KISSES MUM) Thanks mum.

38.  INT.  HERB’S OFICE                                                                               MORNING 38

Next morning Jack is all fired up and goes straight into Herb’s office.


                   Good morning Herb, Can I see you for a minute?


                   Sure Jack, come in.


                   I’ve been going over the costs of making the boxed chocolates.
                   We really aren’t making a lot of profit. Are we?


                   It’s the fillings that are a killer. We have to fill each one with
                   Flavors and then package them nicely, which costs us plenty.
                   I’ve got no choice but to sell them at this price or else they just
                   won’t buy them. There are so many imports now that we just
                   can’t compete. But Jack, don’t you concern yourself with all
                   that, you are doing a good job with what you’re doing.

                                                             JACK (BECKONS)

                   Herb, please hear me out. I think there is more profit if we can
                   make the hollow balls and sell them as a gimmick.


                   (ANNOYED) Jack don’t even go there.


                   (INSISTING) This is important. Can our machines make these
                   hollow chocolate balls if we got orders?

                                                             HERB (FRUSTRATED)

                   Well, yeah all we need is to change the dies to the shape we need.
                   (STERNLY) What are you up to Jack?


                   I’m not really sure yet, but if I’m right, then this factory can make
                   a lot of money.


                   (PLEADING) Jack please, I’m a tired old man. I’ve been riding
                   this rollercoaster for years and I’ve just lost that killer
                   instinct for success. All I want is for this place to stay open
                   for me and my staff, that’s all!


                   Herb if I’m right you will have jobs for more people, trust me.


                   (GIVING IN) Yeah, yeah. Well come and see me when you’ve
                   got something.

                                                             JACK (LEAVING OFFICE)

                   Thanks Herb, you won’t regret it.


                   A LITTLE SMILE)  God help us.

39.   INT.  JACK’S OFFICE                                                                            MORNING 39

Jack is now in his office when Vince suddenly bursts in.


                   What’s it now Vince?


                   I’ve got a box of balls missing and if I don’t find it I’ll be making
                   up the difference with yours.


                   What the hell is wrong with you Vince? Why do you always blame
                   me for your stuff ups?


                   Because you’re a little smart arse and I’ve figured you’ve been
                   snooping around and asking too many questions.


                   Well I haven’t. I don’t know what you’re talking about. You
                   know that I have nothing to do with those balls.

                                                             VINCE (SARCASTIC)

                   I’ll just have to interrogate that little bitch, Rebecca. She
                   must have stuffed up a delivery. Slut!

                                                             JACK   (ANGRY)

                   She’s not a slut Vince, leave her alone.

                                                             VINCE (SURPRISED)

                   Oh! So that’s it. You fancy that little slut.


                   I told you, she’s not a slut

                                                             VINCE (LAUGHING)

                   You don’t know do you?


                   Know what?


                   That slut worked at Jangles taking her clothes off and fucking
                   anyone that me and Louie told her too.

                                                             JACK (FURIOUS)

                   You’re a liar. (CONFRONTS VINCE TO STRIKE HIM)

                   (BANG, HE HITS JACK DOWN) I’ll finish you off later.

The office girls rush in to Jack’s aid, as Vince disappears from the office.
Jack is on the floor with blood oozing from his face but his pain on the inside is far greater than the one inflicted by Vince.

                                                             JACK  (GETTING UP)

                   I’m OK girls. I just have to go home for a while, so can you please
                   cover for me?

40.  INT.  TRAIN                                                                                              MORNING 40

Jack is now heading for home and his head is overloaded with different scenarios.

                                                             JACK   (TALKING TO HIMSELF)

                   So that’s why she still works for Louie, how could I be so
                   Stupid? (THINKING REPEATEDLY) How could I be so stupid?
                   (RINGING IN HIS HEAD)

41.  INT.  JACK’S HOUSE                                                                        AFTERNOON 40
Jack arrives home and is confronted by his mum, as he enters.

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   Jack, what are you doing home? What happened to your face?


                   I had an argument with Vince about the missing box of Fantasy
                   Balls and then I confronted him when he said some bad things
                   about Rebecca, so he hit me.

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   Jack that’s it, you’re not going back, I knew that place might be


                   Mum, I’ve got to get to the bottom of it. It’s something to do with
                   those balls. (THINKING) Sam! Where’s his fantasy ball?

They both go into Sam’s bedroom where the ball is sitting on his bedside table. Jack takes the ball and breaks it open, pulling out the plastic bag.

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   Sugar? Why would they put sugar in a chocolate ball?

                                                             JACK (OPENING PLASTIC BAG)

                   (TASTING) It’s not sugar mum! It’s cocaine.

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   (NEARLY FAINTING)  Oh god. I can’t cope with this.
                   That’s why the other manager died Jack, he must have found
                   out what they were doing. Oh, you’re going to be the death of
                   me Jack.

                                                             JACK (COMFORTING MUM)

                   Mum please, I’ll fix it! Don’t worry

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   You’ve got to go to the police.

                                                             VINCE (INTERUPTING)

                   No mum, I can’t yet. Not until I find out what Rebecca’s got to
                   do with this. I have to know if she’s involved. (BEGGING)
                   Please! (MUM NODS) I need to talk to her first and then I
                   promise I’ll go to the cops.

42.  EXT.  REBECCA’S HOUSE                                                                     EVENING 42

Jack is waiting outside for Rebecca to arrive home from work. He has a million things running through his head and it feels like it is about to explode when Rebecca finally arrives in her car.


                   Jack, hi. How come you’re here?
                   We need to talk. Can we go inside?

                   Sure. God what happened to your face? (OPENING DOOR)


                   I had a run in with Vince. (SARCASTICALLY) You know who
                   Vince is don’t you? (ENTERS HOUSE)

    43.  INT.  REBECC’S HOUSE                                                                     EVENING 43


                   Yes, what are you trying to say?


                   He said you worked for Louie at Jangles and that you stripped
                   and screwed every guy they wanted you to screw.

                                                             REBECCA (EMOTIONAL & ANGRY)

                   Oh no! I’ve buried that part of my life Jack, I don’t want to discuss


                   How could you be such a Tart? I can’t believe it.


                   (SHOUTS) I’m not a tart Jack! (PAUSE) OK, It’s true, I did work
                   for Louie. I needed the money for Johnnies medical bills or else I
                   couldn’t pay for his treatments. The bills just kept coming in
                   and I couldn’t just let him die.


                   No but…

                                                             REBECCA (INTERUPTING)

                   No buts about it. I approached Louie for a job, just for a few
                   nights, but the bills kept getting bigger & bigger because he
                   had to stay in hospital all the time. (CONVINCING) Jack I only
                   took my clothes off, nothing more. Louie kept pressuring me to
                   sleep with guys and to take drugs. He said this is where the big
                   money was, but I just couldn’t do it. That’s why I had to do stripping
                   nearly every night because I wasn’t earning enough to cope.
                   (CALMER)  I knew Louie fancied me and he kept trying to get me
                   to sleep with him and wanted me to be his girl. He hit me every
                   time I refused, but I needed that job. All I could do was think
                   about Johnny just lying there in hospital, so everything else just
                   didn’t matter. I couldn’t let the kid down, I was his last chance.
                   (JACK IS IN SILENCE)  I remember back how every night I
                   nearly felt sick. I could see Louie glaring at me as I danced and
                   it revolted me knowing that he was staring at my body, let alone
                   touching it. (PAUSE) When Johnny died I left Jangles straight
                   away, but Louie tracked me down and offered me this job, with
                   no strings attached. He said he was sorry what happened and that
                   our dealings would be just business. So hey, what did I have to
                   lose? At least I didn’t have to bear my tits to him any more.


                   What about this? (PULLING OUT THE BAG OF COCAINE)


                   What is it?


                   It’s Cocaine. You mean to tell me you don’t know?


                   (RAISING VOICE) I don’t know what you’re talking about.
                   Where did you get it?
                                                             JACK (DISBELIEFED)

                   I got it from inside all those fucking balls that you deliver. What,
                   you’re the biggest drug distributor in town and you don’t know it?


                   (BEGGING) Please believe me I don’t know what you are talking
                   about. (CRYING)


                   Haven’t you ever wondered what the fuck is rattling inside those
                   balls or, haven’t you ever been tempted to just break one open
                   and eat the bastard?


                   No, No I haven’t. Louie explained that they put little gifts inside
                   that were popular with these novelty stores. That’s why I only
                   delivered these because the other customers were not interested in the
                   novelty idea. Here look (GRABBING A SMALL DOLL) here’s one
                   of the gifts that Louie gave me. (BEGGING) Please believe me, all I
                   wanted was to do my job and be independent.


                   Rebecca I’m confused. I have to go.


                   Where are you going?
                                                             JACK (LEAVING)

                   I’m going to find the truth!

Jack storms out and is determined to get the vulchers and make them pay for selling the shit that destroyed his life and the lives of many others.

44.  INT.  CAR                                                                                                    EVENING 44

Jack drives off from Rebecca’s house very confused and trying to think what he should do, which detracts his attention on the road. (BEEP BEEP). He still can’t hear the honks from other drivers as he is cutting them off. He sideswipes a car and slams the brakes on until he comes to a screeching halt.

                                                             JACK (ALMOST IN TEARS)

                   (LOUD) Why is this happening to me? (QUESTIONING HIMSELF)
                   All I wanted was a job and now I’m going to lose it. I finally meet
                   a beautiful woman and I’m going to lose her and now I’ll have
                   Crooks hunting me down to kill me. WHY?

He opens the glove box and pulls out a bottle of bourbon and starts to drink, taking it outside he lights up a cigarette. He stands there alone and looks up at the sky with his arms raised to
the sky.


                   Oh god, I’ve got to stand up for once. (HE SLUMPS ON THE CAR)
                   I can’t run away from it. (HE LOOKS UP AGAIN) Please take care
                   of Sam, let him know that I love him.

He then looks at the bottle of bourbon and tips out the contents on the road with his cigarette.

45.  INT.  JACK’S HOUSE                                                                               EVENING 45

                   (PHONE RINGS)             MRS SCHMIDT

                   (ANSWERS PHONE)  Hello!

                                                             REBECCA       O/S

                   Mrs. Schmidt, is Jack there?

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   No, he came to see you hours ago. What’s going on?

                   Yes he did see me but he left upset. I’m just checking that he’s

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   (STERNLY) Alright! He’s not alright with what’s going on at
                   that factory..


                   (INTERUPTING) Mrs. Schmidt, I’ve got to go (HANGS UP)

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   Where’s my son?

46.  INT JANGLES NIGHT CLUB                                                                 EVENING 46

Jack enters Jangles and walks into an empty bar. It is still early evening and there’s only a BARMAN in the place setting up his bar for the nights work ahead.


                   Where’s Louie?

The barman presses a buzzer next to the phone and Louie appears with one of his HENCHMEN.


                   Well, well if it isn’t my General Manager. Is this a sales
                   meeting Jack? I already know how many chocolates we’re
                   selling. (LAUGHING)


                   Cut the crap Louie, I know what you’re doing at the factory you
                   Scumbag. And I know what you’ve done to Rebecca.


                   (MORE SERIOUS) Oh have you. So this is the thanks I get for
                   giving you a job.


                   A job! That’s a joke. You only give people jobs to exploit them
                   for your own gain. You’re not a nice person Louie.


                   (LOOKS AT HIS HEAVY) Oh, I’m not a nice person (BOTH

The heavy then dives at Jack and knocks him unconscious to the floor


                   (DIRECTING)  Take him upstairs.

47.  INT.  UPSTAIRS ROOM                                                                           EVENING 47

Jack finally wakes up and finds himself gagged and tied to a chair securely with a rope. All he can see is a window directly in front of him, which has iron bars on the outside. He realizes that this may be the last thing he’ll see before he dies, but still tries to free himself, but to no avail. The entertainment has now commenced downstairs and Jack can hear the thumping of the bass drum coming from the DJ’s speakers which was beating about the same speed as his heart. Suddenly he hears footsteps and voices coming up the stairs as the door to his room flies open. He looks up and sees Rebecca being dragged in by the same gorilla that attacked him earlier. Her face had a cut which was bleeding and she was being tied and gagged the same way that he had tied Jack previously, and now he leaves the two alone.


                   (TRYING TO TALK) mmmmm mmmmmm

He now even struggles more to try to free himself from the ropes, but they still won’t budge. They both now look at each other thinking how they are going to get out of this one alive. Jack starts to think that Rebecca couldn’t be part of the operation or else why would they treat her like this? And why would she end up with the same fate as him? But he still was not sure. The door opens again and in walks Louie.


                   Looks like I have to find some new staff. You just can’t good help
                   any more. But don’t you both worry,  you will be getting all your
                   entitlements very shortly and I promise that my retirement plan
                   for you is a real killer. (LAUGHS) (PAUSE & LOOKS AT REBECCA)
                   You stupid little bitch. You could have had it all but you’re too
                   righteous and straight to be a part of my world. You know that’s
                   why I persisted with you, because you were a challenge. I always
                   get what I want; It was just a matter of time. I thought I could corrupt
                   you slowly and then you might accept me as your lover, once you
                   relied on me for everything. That is why I didn’t tell you about the
                   drugs, it was too soon because I knew you would leave me again if
                   you knew. So I thought I would just wait for the right moment, but
                   now it’s too late. I’m sorry my pretty little thing but I must now
                   let you go, you are too dangerous to my operation, but don’t get
                   impatient because it won’t be long before it’s all over. I’ll be back
                   soon enough. (LEAVES ROOM)

Jack smiles at Rebecca to let her know that he is pleased that she wasn’t involved. At least Jack could find some happiness, considering the position that had befallen the two of them.   Suddenly, there is a great thump at the window. The bars have been ripped off the wall and the room starts filling with dust. They both look in dismay and see a face they know looking into the room. It’s Herb! He places gaffer tape on the window and then smashes his way through and proceeds to untie them both.


                   Are we glad to see you. (BOTH HUG HERB)


                   (URGING) Come on, come on lets get out of here.

The three proceed to jump down on to the roof of Herbs van and quickly jump inside and take off.

48.  INT.  HERB’S VAN                                                                                    EVENING 48


                   How did you know?

                                                             HERB      (DRIVING)

                   Your mum rang me and told me what you found at the factory
                   and that you haven’t been seen since. Boy did she give me an
                   earful. Anyway, I put two & two together and I thought I would
                   check out Jangles.


                   How did you know where to look?


                   It’s the same room that Louie threatened me in, when he forced
                   me to give him my factory as his front. I agreed to everything
                   and that’s why I’m still alive. I’m sorry I got you mixed up in all
                   of this, but I was afraid. Afraid of dying and afraid of losing it all,
                   but now I don’t care, what they are doing is wrong and it has got
                   to stop.

“BANG” Suddenly the rear window is blown out by a spray of bullets. The three duck inside
the cabin as Herb swerves all over the road.

                   (ANXIOUS)  Shit, they’re following us. Plant it herb, plant it.

Herb puts his foot down and they’re flying along nearly out of control, with a big black car in hot pursuit. Herb hasn’t had so much excitement for a long time and is really enjoying it.


                   Go Betsy go (TALKING TO HIS OLD VAN) they don’t make
                   make them like this anymore. (SWERVING AROUND CARS)


                   You’re a sick man Herb! (PUTS HER HANDS OVER HER FACE)
                   Where are you going?


                  (DRIVING OFF MAIN ROAD) Don’t worry, I know these back
                   streets like the back of my hand.

Herb drives through a series of back streets and he is sure that he has lost the assailants and finally comes to a halt in a dark alley.


                   That was close. Where are we?


                   We’re just around the corner from the factory. We can lock
                   ourselves inside and call the cops.

They leave the van and make their way to the rear entrance of the factory in the dark.

49.  EXT.  REAR ENTRANCE FACTORY                                                    EVENING 49


                   How come it’s all shut?        


                   I sent everyone home before I left. I just knew something big was                                                                                            
                   going to blow over tonight and I didn’t want them caught up in
                   the middle of it. (OPENS THE BACK DOOR)

50.  INT.  FACTORY                                                                                         EVENING 50


                   Its pitch black, didn’t you leave any lights on?


                   Don’t need to, I know this place like the…..


                   (INTERUPTING) Yeah we know, like the back of your hand!

Suddenly, a torch shines in their faces and they recognize the voice shouting at them.


                   (HOLDING TORCH & A GUN) Hold it right there dick heads.
                   Well, I haven’t been spotlighting for years, but you’re the biggest
                   Bunnies I’ve ever caught. I’m gonna enjoy slitting your throats.


                   You’re holding a gun, not a knife you dick head.


                   Smart arse right to the end aren’t you? You’re just lucky that Louie
                   wants to see you before you die, or else I’d just pop you off now.
                   (ORDERING) Come on, let’s go upstairs and get cozy, he
                    shouldn’t be too far away.

They are marched up the stairs at gun point and into the main office area, awaiting the arrival of Louie. Suddenly they hear voices and footsteps coming up the stairs.

51.  INT.  MAIN OFFICE                                                                                 EVENING 51

                                                             VINCE (SHOUTS)

                   Is that you Louie?

                                                             LOUIE (ENTERS WITH HEAVY)

                   Well, well, we meet again. But now we’ve got more staff who
                   wants to retire as well. That was a stupid thing you did old man
                   but I guess you’ve just lost your memory. Remember I told you I’d
                   kill you if you ever crossed me?


                   Go to hell Louie, I’d rather be dead than run my business for you
                   Scumbags. (SPITS)

Suddenly there’s a load bang and Vince starts shooting. Everybody Ducks.

                                                             LOUIE (YELLING)

                   Stop shooting you idiot. It’s only the fucking coffee machine ya

Vince is a little jumpy and trigger happy and has shot a hole right through the top of the coffee machine.


                   (LOUD THINKING TO HIMSELF) Coffee!

He relives the events of when Cindy made them all a coffee that sent them crazy.


                   (LOUD THINKING) Loretta doesn’t have sugar because she’s
                   on a diet. JANE said. That’s it! It’s not the coffee, It’s the sugar.
                   (SPEAKING) Louie, I know you’re going to kill us and everything
                   so can we at least have one last request?


                   You want a blindfold?

                   (ANNOYED WITH VINCE) Shut up Vince. What do you want?


                   Well seeing the coffee machine is on, I thought we could all have a
                   quick last coffee for old time’s sake.


                   (ANNOYED) A coffee, are you out of your mind?


                   (INTERUPTING) Yeah, it’s been a shit day, I could do with one.


                   Please, let me do the honors. Let’s say we all have my special
                   short black? (PROCEEDS TO POUR) Now I bet you three boys
                   like yours sweet! Say three sugars? (PUTS SUGAR IN THEIR
                   CUPS ONLY) There you go. (HANDS EVERYONE A CUP)

They all proceed to drink their coffees.


                   Hey, you make a good coffee; it’s a shame we have to kill you.
                   (COUGHS & SPLATTERS)

Vince realizes something is wrong when he sees Louie and his heavy hit the deck and starts shooting, hitting Jack in the shoulder. He keeps shooting but his aim is all over the place, now that the drugs have set in.


                   (DRAGGING JACK BEHIND TABLE) Jack, please talk to me 
                   Are you OK (TEARS) (JACK’S OUT COLD?)

Suddenly there is another shot from the doorway and Vince collapses to the ground, dead.

                                                             INSPECTOR CHAN

                   Are you all Ok in there?


                   No, Jack’s been hit, call an ambulance.

Chan goes in to check out Jack for himself and they don’t realize that Louie has come to his senses and has pulled a gun aimed straight for Chan.

                   (SCREAMS) Look out! (BANG)

Chan, Rebecca and Herb stand in disbelief as Louie is Knocked out by a baseball
which hit him right in the head?


                   It’s Sam (SAM RUNS IN) what are you doing here?

                   Where’s my dad?

                                 (ENTER)             MRS SCHMIDT

                   UNCONCSIOUS)  Well are you all happy now my son is dead?


                   (CUFFING LOUIE & HEAVY) He’s not dead, he’s just hit in the
                   shoulder. I’ve called for back up and an ambulance.

The ambulance arrives and Jack is taken out on a stretcher and the crooks are escorted out by the extra police which have now arrived. Mum and Sam join him in the back. Vince didn’t make it and was lying there awaiting the coroner. Herb showed Chan where all the drugs were kept and he and Rebecca were being detained.


                   I’m afraid I’ve got to put you two under arrest, until we can sort out
                   what parts you played in all of this.


                   She knew nothing, she’s innocent.


                   We’ll see. (ESCORTS BOTH INTO HIS CAR) (DRIVES OFF)

51.  INT.  HOSPITAL ROOM                                                                       MIDNIGHT 51

Jack is still unconscious and is in a dream.

                                                             JACK    (DREAMING)
                   (TALKING TO WIFE) Am I dead?

                   (COMFORTING) No Jack just rest and listen. I’m very proud
                   of you and I always will be. This is the last time you will see me
                  ‘cause everything will be good for you and Sam. (WALKS AWAY)

                                                             JACK   (DREAMING)

                   (SHOUTS) Jen, I love you, I want to be with you.

                                                             WIFE  (TURNING)

                   You can’t, it’s not your time. You’ve got our son to raise into
                   a man, go he needs you. I can tell you one thing, this woman
                   is right for you, so don’t lose her. Remember I love you both,
                   so now I can go in peace. (SHE DISAPPEARS)

                                                             JACK (WAKING)

                   Jen, Jen come back. (AWAKENS)


                  (HUGGING) Dad, are you Ok?


                   Sam, mum, ouch! What happened?

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   Don’t move around, you’ve been shot. You’re a very lucky man.


                   Where’s Rebecca & Herb? What happened to them?

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

They’re fine. But Inspector Chan had detained them for questioning.


                   I hope Chan doesn’t do anything stupid!

                                                             CHAN (ENTERING ROOM LAUGHING)
                   That’s what my wife say’s to me all the time.


                   Inspector Chan, what are you doing here?

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   Jack, you apologies to the Inspector, he saved your life.


                   No, no, it’s Ok. If it wasn’t for you ringing the station, I would
                   not have put all the pieces together that Louie was connected
                   with the factory. And we all must thank Sam for saving all of us.

                                                             JACK (CONFUSED)



                   Yeah dad, I came up the stairs and saw a man with a gun, so I let
                    him have it with one of my curved spins. (ACTING OUT EVENT)
                   (ALL LAUGH)

                                                             JACK   (PROUD)

                   That’s my boy! (PAUSE)  Inspector, what have you done with
                   Rebecca & Herb?


                   They’re under arrest and are at the station, until I get all the


                   No! Look you’ve got them all wrong. She knew nothing about the
                   operation and Herb had his life threatened if he didn’t play ball.
                   He’s just an old man for god’s sake.


                   Jack they were working for Louie, so that makes them an accessory.


                   Well you better arrest me as well, because I was working for Louie                                                                                                    
                   and don’t forget all the girls at Jangles. I’m sure you will enjoy
                   Handcuffing them.


                   OK, I’ve got your point, I will talk to you further at the station, when
                   you’re better.


                   Better! I’m better now (TRIES TO GET UP)

                                                             MRS SCHMIDT

                   (STERNLY) Don’t you move from this bed? Get back down and
                   rest. (HE HEEDS)

                                                             CHAN    (LAUGHING)

                   Look, I’ll bring them to the factory in the morning and we can
                   all go through everything there. OK?


                   Thanks Inspector.

                                                             CHAN (WALKING OUT)

                   Then! I’ll see you in the morning? You all have a good night.

52.  INT.  JACK’S OFFICE                                                                             MORNING 52

Jack has arrived at the factory early with his arm in a sling and is let in by the policeman still there, on guard. He walks up the stairs and into his office where he sits and tries to take it all in, not knowing what the outcome will be. Suddenly he looks up and there is Rebecca who rushes to him and gives him a hug and kiss.


                   Oh Jack, are you’re alright, I couldn’t sleep worrying.


                   You poor thing, It’s so good to hold you again. (CHAN & HERB
                   WALK IN)    


                                                             CHAN (STERNLY)
                   OK, everybody sit. Let’s get started. Firstly, Herb. Louie says
                   that you were in this right from the start and that you gave him
                   the whole idea.


                   That’s not true. I never leave this place, so how could I ever
                   meet people like them?

                                                             REBECCA (INTERUPTING)

                   Look Inspector, you’re going to need witnesses to put Louie
                   away. Aren’t you? (HE NODS) I know every one of Louie’s
                   outlets that sell the drugs on the street, I can give you all the
                   names and addresses, so you can go and round them up today,
                   before they know what’s hit them. But before that, you’ve got
                   to drop this nonsense against me and Herb. Then you’ve got time
                   to get the real crooks. (PAUSE) Deal?

                                                             CHAN (SMILES)

                   (SHAKING HER HAND) You’ve got yourself a deal.

Jack gives her a hug and both are hugged in turn by Herb. Suddenly the office girls have arrived and cannot believe what they see.


                   Are you guys OK? The policeman told us what happened.


                   The place is a mess. What’s going to happen now Herb?


                   (SHAKING HIS HEAD)  I don’t know (PHONE RINGS)
                   I probably have to close down.

                                                             CINDY (ANSWERING PHONE) O/S

                   It’s for you Jack.
                                                             JACK (PICKS UP HIS PHONE)  

                   Hi Jack Schmidt! Sorry, who’s calling? (EXCITED) Oh yes,
                   MR THOMPSON from the Texas Rangers. I did send you samples.


                                                             MR THOMPSON (ON PHONE)
                   (IN HIS OFFICE)  Well we love the idea Jack and with just a few
                   modifications, I think we are on a winner. I also spoke to
                   our number one ticket holder, Barney Hewitt. He owns the Big
                   Barney Supermarket chain nationally and he’s keen to stock all the
                   TEAM BALLS right across the country. How’s that Jack? Not a
                   Bad marketing line, eh/ (LAUGHS). I’m sure all the Football teams
                   will want to get in on the act, so have you got anything going.

                                                             JACK (EXCITED)

                   Mr. Thompson we’ve got something on the drawing board right
                   now (LOOKING AT HERB & WINKING) Yes, I can see you on
                   Friday, no problem, thanks Mr. Thompson. Oh by the way I’ll
                   bring you fresh samples, so don’t open the one I sent you.

                                                             MR THOMPSON

                   Oh too late Jack, the office staff are already using that sugar
                   novelty inside. See you Friday (HANGS UP)

                   SONG PLAYS

                 Shows all the staff dancing on their desks outside Mr. Thompson’s office.

                                                              THE END

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