Short Film Scripts

Not for our own personal gain, of course, but for yours! Allow our editors to peruse your work, and, provided it's deemed appropriate, it will be published here for editors, producers, and impressed friends to see!

The scripts can be for short films, television series, or stageplays. Please click here to read about submitting your work.

The documents will remain copyrighted to the author, provided the author has it in the first place.

Title Writer Type of Script
Diva by Stefan Adamsson Short Film
George and Jordan by Stefan Adamsson Short Film
The Painting by Stefan Adamsson Short Film
The Offer by Stefan Adamsson Short Film
Resist Ginny by Stefan Adamsson Short Film
Queens of Saigon by Tayne Ephraim Short Film
A Run for Life by Anthony Rypel-Polkas Short Film
The Grazier's Daughter by Melanie Gates-Manar Short Film
In The Shado of 9/11 by Steve A Jeffrey Film
Shopping Addict by Steve Redwood Short Film
Inner City Rush by Jack Wearne Short Film
Man or Mouse by Mark Dark Short Screenplay
A Love Story by Jaclyn Macdonald Short Film
The Sleep of Reason by Richard Warfe Short Film
Black Rose Red Rose by Mehdi Golbahar Haghighi Short Film
Addiction by Steven Spiel Short FIlm
Men of Honour by Paulo K Short Film
The Gospel of Ted by Liam Jordan One Act Play
High School Daze by Martin Imrie Short Film
Initiative by Michael Mulcahy One Act Play
Dealing With Death by Ralph Halse One Act Play
Ashoka and the Bird Man by Tayne Ephraim One Act Play
Unexpected Company by Tayne Ephraim Short Play
A Day In The Life by Daniel Bowd Short Film
An Act of Violence by Daniel Bowd One Act Play
The Best Friend by Daniel Bowd Short Play
Woodchopper by Pete Force Short Film
Ma Rung by Cameron Douglas Stage Play
Road to Jerusalem by Robert Braiden Short Film
Solidarity in the Carpark by Karen Collins Short Film
XBOX ONLINE by Holly Burnham Short Film
Fragile Content by Aleisha Hall Short Film
Goldfish by Olivia Pazdera Short Film
Fun and Games by Chris Waldock Short Film
Nothing To Be Ashamed Of by Madeleine Huxtable Short Films
Outback Samaritan by Karen Collins Short Film
Once There Was A Way by Liam Jordan Short Play
Joyriders by Michael Halford Short Film
A Letter from Lorca by Charles Musser Short Film
Manners by Kevin Li Short Film
The Anniversary by Madeleine Huxtable and Steve Lockley Short Film
Then She Was Gone by Burleigh Smith Short Film
The Visit by J. I. Robison Short Film
The Intervention by J. I. Robison Short Film
Scott's Desire by Michael Mulcahy Short Film
Licence to Kill by James Le Gassick Short Film
The Wrong Number by Heather Hassett Short Play
Mimicry by Peter Aaron McLean Short Film
I'll Do Anything.. by Laura Pfundt Short Film
Mistakes by Laura Pfundt Short Film

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