Short Film Scripts

Not for our own personal gain, of course, but for yours! Allow our editors to peruse your work, and, provided it's deemed appropriate, it will be published here for editors, producers, and impressed friends to see!

The scripts can be for short films, television series, or stageplays. Please click here to read about submitting your work.

The documents will remain copyrighted to the author, provided the author has it in the first place.

Title Writer Type of Script
Death In The Family by Benjamin Mitchell Short Film
A Reason To Live by Deb Connelly Short Film
Man With A Suitcase by Deborah Sheldon Short Film
A Man For All Times by Steve McDonell Short Film
I'm Pregnant by James Le Gassick Film
The Call by Kevin Li Short Film
BLACK EYES by Bollimuntha Venkata Ramana Rao Short Film
Hard Earned by Tom Slack short film
The Cage by Jef Tan Short Film
PENANCE Part Two by Anthony Kirkwood and Reynaldo Gesmundo TV SCRIPT
Routine by Shahul Aliyar Short Film
What maketh the man by Paul Secretan Short Film
THE SHRINE by John Hutchins Short Film
Holes in the Heart by Jude Ashton Short Film
Fair Play by Jeremy Paterson Short Film
Twas Christmas Eve by Elisabeth Dubois Short Film
MIRRORS by Jonathan Turner Short Film
STUNTED TIMBER by Susannah Strauss Short Film
BLIND MAN'S BLUFF by Shea Anton Pensa Short Film
TRUE DREAM by Thomas Morrison Short Film
SKID MARKS by David Johnson Short Film
ONE SUMMER'S DAY by Patricia Keiller Short Film
CLEANERS by M.Kryzhanovsky Short Film
THE POLE by Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne and E M Bradford Short Film
PANTHER VALLEY by Peter Bird Play Script
GHOSTS OF ANDROMEDA by Albert Barrera Short Film
LAST DITCH EFFORT by Albert Barrera Short Film
ON THE ROAD TO MEMPHIS by Patricia Keiller Short Film
DARK SKIES by Patricia Keiller Short Film
THE HEAD JOB by Michael and Rohana Griffith Short Film
CROSSROADS by [email protected] Short Film
THE CATALYST by Robert Kriel Screenplay
RISE OF THE BLACK DRAGON by Robert Kriel Screenplay
A PONY FOR SEAN by Patricia Keiller Radio Play
THE PILGRIMAGE by Patricia Keiller Short Film
SECRETS by Patricia Keiller Short Film
THE COMPANION by Robert Kriel Short Film
WALK TOWARDS THE LIGHT by Bernie Drew Short Film
ENTWINED - STUCK IN A MOMENT by Nola Bartolo Short Film
THE LIZARD KING by Michael Faulkner & Jim Morrison Short Film
RETALE by Andrew McDonald Short Film
LASAGNE FOR ONE by Steve Prentice & Troy Maguire Short Film
THE AMERSHAM CHRONICLES by Patricia Keiller Short Film
THE DESERT by Anthony Kirkwood Screenplay
THE BRIGADE by Anthony Kirkwood Screenplay
THE MYSTERY OF THE TOMB by Anthony Kirkwood Short Film
THE WAR ZONE by Anthony Kirkwood Short Film
THE GOBLIN by Anthony Kirkwood Revised TV Script
PIRATE ISLAND by Anthony Kirkwood TV Script

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