Short Film Scripts

Not for our own personal gain, of course, but for yours! Allow our editors to peruse your work, and, provided it's deemed appropriate, it will be published here for editors, producers, and impressed friends to see!

The scripts can be for short films, television series, or stageplays. Please click here to read about submitting your work.

The documents will remain copyrighted to the author, provided the author has it in the first place.

Title Writer Type of Script
Snowmen by Cameron Short Film
Things To Do In Sydney by Chris Miles Short Film
The Gifted Nurse by Grace Aggrey-Fynn Short Film
Torment by Al Agolli Short Play
TAFE: We Don't Educate by Al Agolli Short Play
Dead Planet by Alicia Gallavin Short Film
campfeast by Lindsay Laurie Short Film
Jack & Maude by Phillippa Finkemeyer Short Film
Ed's Dead by Darren Swanson Short Film
Generations by Rui Miguel Marques Short Film
Strange Family by Robert Johnstone-Ayliffe Short Film
Illusion by Stefan Adamsson Short Film
Mortician's Spat by Al Agolli Short Play
Fly Outside Cage by Parviz Hatemi Short Film
Teen Heart by Tanja Radovanovic Short Film
Fools by Alison Erlanger Short Film
The Gaze by Timothy Bocquet TV Pilot
The Wayward Child by Rita Lowther Manuscript
On The Edge by Oliver Poppert Short Film
Stuck by Michael Halford Short Film
The Interview by Wadim Matusewicz Short Film
Until Death Do Us Unite by Wadim Matusewicz Film
The Bus Driver by Wadim Matusewicz Short Film
The Crossroads by Wadim Matusewicz Short Film
The Shopping by Wadim Matusewicz Short Film
The Good Samaritan by Wadim Matusewicz Short Film
Money Box by Parvis Hatemi Short Film
Carl and Steven by Sean Wharton Short Film
People Like You by Anjali Warland Short Film
My Number One by Liam Jordan Short Film
Bathtub Blues by Olivia Crockford Short Play
Don't Forget To Remember by Yolanta Green Short Play
Bonds That Bind by Shirley Whiteway Short Play
A Dog of a Day by Lois Jessop Short Stage Play
How to Juggle by Philip Braham Short Film
Tears of a Clown by Andrew Hartley Short Film
Tears of Love by Parvis Hatemi Short Film
Money Shot by Leeann Nicole Horlin Short Film
Church of Nonsense by James Cripps Short Film
INTERPERCEPTION or how I learned to use my eyes by Lucy Hutton Short Film
How Clancy Mack Found His One Reason To Live by Jef Tan Short Film
Morning In A Life Of O.C.D by James Le Gassick Short Film
Smoking Kills by James Le Gassick Short Film
1 Minute 45 Seconds Of Heaven by James Le Gassick Short Film
Baby: Chapter 1 by Ronald Robinson Short Film
Morning by RK Musgrave Short Film
The Boat by Peter Schneider Short Film
Made in Melbourne by Adam Dole Short Film
The Curse of Song by Paulo K Short Film
Carribean Revenge by Karen Collins Short Film

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