by Laura Pfundt

Short Film
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* Produced *

Billy used to be happy. She used to have a friend, Sophie. Billy is going through the motions. She wakes up, gets dressed and heads down to the kitchen. Watching her, in the background, is Sophie's ghost; motionless and sad. Billy has breakfast and struggles with the decision of keeping or discarding the reason for her sadness, alcohol. Unable to bring herself to get rid of it, Billy leaves the house; blocking out the world with her iPod. While out jogging, Billy is faced with the one thing she'd rather forget; the memorial for Sophie. The gathering of flowers and pictures is too much for Billy; too much a reminder of what she did. She goes back home and lets her anger and frustration out on a photo collage of her and Sophie. Sophie watches on helplessly as Billy sobs on the floor. Billy tries again to tip the alcohol out, but she is not strong enough. Only with the help of Sophie's spirit is she able pour the drink away.

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