Let Them Smoke - Australian Short Film

Let them smoke” observes and dissects the nature of humans. We too often think that we are in control of our lives and our plans we make for the future. It is only when a significant natural or man made disaster strikes that we question our fragility.

“Let them smoke” is a project that challenges our misconception of our invincibility and states that our condition everyday is uncertain and fragile by showing how we are constantly reacting to the happenings outside of ourselves.

The title states the very issue the project set outs to challenge. It underlines the notion that people are self-empowered to go and do what they desire fueled by a false idea of the control they have over their own lives. This statement is to show that even the smallest object, a cigarette, can so heavily affect a persons life and simultaneously portraying the relaxed attitude that we have toward such a deadly mind frame.

Let them smoke from sarah adamson on Vimeo.

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